Shreveport Attorney John Settle
Opinion by John Settle

After Tuesday’s vote, one thing is known – Shreveport’s next mayor will be a woman. And they are as different as night and day – – so voters have a clear choice.

Ollie Tyler is black; Victoria Provenza is white. Tyler will be 70 on January 6 of next year; Provenza will be 54. Tyler spent several years in New Orleans and Baton Rouge before coming back to Shreveport. Provenza spent most of her adult life in Colorado before returning to Shreveport.Traveling Woman Executive-Suitcase-Map

Tyler is a life long Democrat. Provenza was a Republican state delegate in Colorado; she ran as a no party candidate for mayor. Tyler ran a traditional mayoral campaign with the backing of Mayor Glover. Provenza ran a social media/electronic campaign with the guidance of Caddo Commissioner Matthew Linn.

businesswoman_Question_silhouetteTyler released police reports and admitted to an incident in which she killed her first husband. Court records revealed that Provenza attempted suicide twice; she admitted to having a severe traumatic brain injury.

Tyler’s work history in education is well documented. Provenza’s work history was openly questioned in a KTBS interview which revealed many questionable resume statements.

Glover Ride for Third TermTyler garnered 60% of the black vote and Provenza got 50% of the white vote. Tyler is expected to receive almost all of the black vote on December 6 – and a considerable white vote. The big question for both candidates will be voter turnout.

Most politicos believe a Tyler victory will simply be a extension of Mayor Glover’s tenure, i.e. the status quo. Provenza has promised to shake up City Hall if elected.

More comparisons/contrasts could be made, and the runoff election should clearly delineate the two candidates. So voters will have a choice between the 2 opposites, for what its worth.