Shreveport Attorney John Settle
Opinion by John Settle

Tuesday (November 4) will be the day of reckoning for Shreveport voters – – and especially those running for political office. For many Tuesday will be a holiday, and predictions of possible showers could dampen (literally) plans other than voting. For others it will be just another work day other than voting.

For the candidates (and their families and ardent supporters), Tuesday will be a day of high anxiety. Last minute “get out the vote” pushes will be made, and depending on the sophistication of the campaign I Voted Stickersmachinery everything from robocalls reminding people to vote, rides to the polls, and the checking of voter records with specific calls to known supporters will be made during the long day.

The polls close at 8 p.m., and serious TV reporting of voter totals should begin around 9 p.m. Some campaigns may have volunteers at each poll location to get the results when the voting machines are turned off. By 11 p.m. the party should be over for some – and just beginning for others.

For the winners, it will be a time of rejoicing. For those not winning, it will be a time of solace and reflection on what could have been done differently. And for those in runoff elections, the feelings will be maxed depending on what election results had been anticipated.

BobbyBuysVotesFor those candidates not in a run-off, “the end” will have finally arrived.

What started as a “simple” decision to seek office had quickly morphed into a monster that totally dictated normal life activities. The all-consuming nature of a political campaign for the candidate (and his family) can not be truly appreciated (?) unless experienced. Suffice it to say, it is not a walk in the park – even for most experienced, well funded incumbent much less a first time candidate.

Vote SmartThe good news is that a democratic form of government is in place, and voters are free to select a candidate of their choice. Similarly, individuals meeting minimal requirements can run for political office and freely participate in the government process. And for that all citizens should be appreciative, even if the system is not perfect.

A big thanks is due to all the candidates and their supporters for spending their time, money and energy in all the political races – – without regard to the election outcomes. Without candidates there are no elections, and those that put their necks (and pocketbooks) out to seek public office are to be congratulated for their efforts. In affect the public wins because of the elections with regard to the outcomes of the various races.