BOO! Halloween Dirty Tricks in Mayor’s Race


by Marion MarksKEELlogo

710 KEEL has been providing top interviews and extended dialogue regarding candidates and last minute revelations concerning many races in the area. Erin McCarty and Angela Thomas have been particularly open with the discussion and supplying insight into the candidates, campaigns and those behind the scenes trying to control the drive toward the November 4th primary.

Dirty PoliticsToday, among other candidate discussions, a campaign worker called in to disclose that he and his co-workers were involved in the Patrick Williams campaign specifically paid to 1) conduct opposition research and 2) infiltrate the opposition camp to sabotage the campaign. Neither issue would really be a surprise in most races. The issue is partially that the worker has converted into one of the opposition camps.

PATRICK dives into the dirty waterThe “November Surprises” will come fast and furious in the waning days of the campaign. Don’t be surprised as more “BOO! Tactics” reveal non-issues to voters.

Swear-Crossed Fingers
King’s X! But you SWORE!

My congratulations to KTBS 3, KEEL and Elliott Stonecipher for insisting on more transparency and vetting of candidates and ideas. It’s really too bad we can’t say “King’s X” and ask for a redo. Unfortunately it is every four years, unlike the Brits who allow for confidence votes to force new elections at any given time.

I’m at the point that I feel like most voters feel going to the poles in the same way Three Bind Mice go looking for cheese. We thought we knew who the good guys were, now we may as well throw darts to find the honest, qualified or capable leader for the city. Each of the top candidates have failed to be candid or honorable in disclosing backgrounds, completing campaign finance reports correctly or show voters real plans that will make a difference in solving the difficult problems that face our city.Three Blind Voters

NOTE FROM FORWARD-NOW.COM: We have not taken, nor will we endorse a candidate in the mayor’s race. We have tried to encourage fair investigation of evidence that will tell voters important information that impacts the election. We DO RESERVE THE RIGHT to chose which stories will be published. We leave it to readers to evaluate the value of the information made available. Only when you do not vote will we be critical of your decisions, and too many eligible voters do not exercise their right to vote and then complain about the results of the election.