Mud “Line-Dance” 2014

The Mud Line-Dance
The MUD Line-Dance

by Marion Marks

Shreveport politicos have an uncanny ability to sling mud with ferocity and agility that make sensitive voters cringe and uneasy in fulfilling their democratic obligation to vote. The latest round of “I didn’t do it, it was the other guy” seems to be the result of some citizens having a conscience that has been pierced.

Colorado-sealThe discussions concerning the released “Sealed Court Records” have made even staunch law enforcement uneasy about the methods used by unscrupulous investigators to dig dirt. And, now that the basic deed of releasing some court filings has been accomplished in the popular Inquisitor(donor to another candidate!), some of the hopeful beneficiaries of the mud are running for cover.

Mud Slinging with PigsIt appears the question the scandal-happy mud-slingers have answered is “Yes, Victoria Provenza went through a very nasty divorce.” And, “Yes her ‘Ex’ is a very wealthy and powerful Colorado citizen.” But, “Yes, the records are sealed in the Colorado judicial system,” and “Yes, a Caddo investigator took personal time off to go try to get copies of the sealed documents.”

So here are a list of answers I believe to be accurate and necessary for voters to understand, and I’m confident the exact facts will be discussed around water coolers until after the final votes are counted, and perhaps beyond.DIVORCE-Children_Torn

  • Ms Provenza has been through a terrible divorce, just like lots of women and families have endured.

  • Ms Provenza has come out on the other side of the divorce a strong and capable business woman whose tools include management capabilities that a government leader would need.

  • Ms Provenza appears to be sane, physically and mentally fit, and able to absorb mass quantities of data and digest it before making rational decisions that solve complex problems like a city leader would be required to do.

  • Caddo_DA_Zombie Response Team
    Remember the Zombies?

    The Caddo Parish District Attorney is the spokesman for robo-calls for another mayoral candidate who would benefit from derogatory, inflammatory and otherwise negative publicity for Ms Provenza.

  • An investigator for the Caddo District Attorney has been tied to the material that is now being “leaked.”

  • Operatives for the candidate in question are crying foul on a third candidate, blaming her operatives for the leaked material.

In short, the material is just as the quote goes related to Margaret Thatcher, “A lot of what is being said in anger is the vacuous mud-slinging of those who have nothing more informed or intelligent to say.” In essence, if they can’t attack her ideas, for whatever reason, they have attacked her person.On the List

I can only hope that voters will demand answers to questions about issues. The fact remains that the other candidates have failed to attend forums where hard questions were asked. Both Tyler and Williams ducked out of the Huntington forum because they were told there would be questions about the campaign finance violations. [YPI Forum, one leading candidate was a NO SHOW!]

Campaign finances, roads, water, sewage and taxes are harder issues to resolve than slinging mud. So, when candidates have no answers to hard questions, there is desperation in poll numbers, I guess the answer was, sling more mud. I can only hope voters see the facts when they vote.