Charlie Caldwell’s Response & Reported Threat

Otis-Caldwell Question Interaction Signal
“Point made?” or something else?

by Marion Marks

One candidate question opens doors that voters may see & question the character and responsiveness of an incumbent. City Marshal, Charlie Caldwell obviously had strong feelings about the deputies he terminated. Some of the fired deputies have successfully sued Caldwell and were paid damages that they cannot discuss. Caldwell’s office is not the only one where this recently occurred, but the only contested race. Interestingly, Caldwell has not one, but four challengers seeking his office, including two fired former deputies.

Jason Brown, Assistant District Attorney, narrated the forum
Jason Brown, Assistant District Attorney, narrated the forum

It is my understanding the gesture recorded at the forum was aimed at fired deputy George McCain, who filed a complaint with SPD immediately. A DVD of the video was picked up in my office the next morning by two members of SPD, as the result of a call following the complaint. I did NOT initiate this complaint as I was busy recording the forum, but as a recorder of fact, I supplied the video to the investigation. I know it is “the heat of the campaign” and lots of “Surprises” are trumped up. However, this event is documented, and I have heard no additional inquiries from the media.

I am publicly publishing the video segment public along with a complete recording of the evening from the other camera, which has better audio and video. I hope you will be able to use this in informing the public of the facts about the candidates in an important Shreveport city-wide election.

1) Complete recording of the evening,
2) The gesture