On the Ballot – What’s You Need to Know!


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Louisiana Voter Information: “What’s on my Ballot
Explanation of Constitutional Amendments.
(Public Affairs Research Explanation – Click to read)
You can print Page#2 for your choices after studying the amendments!

A number of citizens have asked lots of simple questions about what is on the ballot by their address. And, we are only suggesting that you make up your own mind, based on research, some things we tried to investigate. Here’s information ALL Louisiana voters may use to better understand what’s on the ballot and an impartial explanation of the constitutional amendments that seems to confuse most voters.Vote Button on Flag

Louisiana Voter Information: “What’s on my Ballot – Once you fill in your address, the Secretary of State Website allows you to click the tab, “Ballot Information”, and determine the exact ballot you will have for your precinct. With this, you will be more speedy getting through the voting line!

R.S.V.P. Read, Study the issues, Vote & Participate!
Thank you, John Porter!