Four Challengers to Marshal Caldwell at BNA Forum


Jason Bown-Caldwell Stoicby Marion Marks

Obviously law enforcement officers see something offensive the average citizen only reads about in a few headlines. Certainly there were challenges to incumbent Marshal Caldwell during his six years since first being elected. And litigation against Caldwell was not uncommon. But the Broadmoor Neighborhood Association Forum brought a few issues to the surface.

Taliaferro AddressesModerator, Assistant District Attorney Jason Brown kept the meeting on course and came within seconds of completing in the scheduled sixty minutes. However, the few questions that were edgy from challengers were handled well as Caldwell deflected most criticism by simply saying “Who among us is perfect?” Yet some questions of improper use of discretionary funds, poor training procedures and the failure to have a single DARE trained officer even though Caldwell spends thousands of dollars on DARE related items including a parade vehicle he leverages for personal use seemed to stick with some voters.

More on the incumbent, challengers and the forum will be posted tomorrow. But here are two clips that voters may find interesting: Don Otis Addresses