Mayoral Election New Twist with Q&A at Forum


EVENT 2by Marion Marks

October 15th Pat Boras hosted his monthly “Winning Tuesdays” forum at Superior Steak House Annex on Wednesday, due to the Senate Debate that conflicted Tuesday night. Four of the six candidates attended and discussion was particularly heated during the Q&A session where candidates could ask others pointed questions.

Here are several key segments I felt communicated information voters should find relevant.

Patrick-Provenza Q&AQuestion#1: Victoria Provenza to Patrick Williams. This question is related to the KTBS story and certainly the issue will have even more attention if “MUD FLYS” as expected toward the November election day.

Question#2&3: Patrick Williams passes, but Anna Marie Arpino asks herself.

Question#4: Sam Jenkins to Victoria Provenza.

Audience members were allowed to ask questions, and here were several I found valuable along with the answers.

What plans do candidates have to keep LSU Medical Center in Shreveport and fend off the attempt by Baton Rouge to relocate at Pennington BioMed Center?

Bob Brown Question SurprisesBob Brown, Communications Director of local union, asked probably the question, preceded with pointing out his association with attacks on one candidate, Victoria Provenza, that all seemed to expect.

The I-49 Inner City Corridor question was a major topic and added interest in the I-69 advancement in east Texas as Louisiana appears to be stuck on submitting a plan with state backing.

Clip#17 1Certainly discussion of all these topics will keep candidates active prior to the November 4 primary. More video of the event will go online soon.