A Dark Side of Transparency in the Mayor’s Race


Reporter Art-02by Marion Marks

Thanks to my campaign conscience, I recognize I have not asked sufficient hard questions of ALL the candidates. Transparency here, I do have a business to run, but I picked the low-hanging fruit, finding easy flaws of the Tyler & Williams campaigns, and I neglected asking tough questions of Ms Provenza, as I read what seemed easy issues, and I was less diligent.

Reporter Art
I dozed …

Ms Provenza owes it to the voters to explain what in her background is so precious that she cannot be more transparent herself about her work and the Colorado part of her life that seems “off-limits” in the campaign. If Ms Tyler’s background falls in the realm of “it has nothing to do with being qualified to be mayor” and I and others demand transparency, Ms Provenza needs to use the remaining three weeks to disclose how we have not been able to learn a fuller story of her life.

Paperwork_extensionWe all know being mayor is a difficult job requiring 15+ hours days, nothing for the weak of heart or constitution. What we also know is that Shreveporters deserve a better understanding of every candidate who claims to be qualified to serve as mayor.

3132 going where?

Ms. Provenza touts the fact that she met with the attorneys who represent Tim Larkin to understand their position and the commitment to extending 3132 to the port. What she has not explained is how she failed to meet with the coalition attorneys on this matter. Transparency, I feel 3132 must be extended to the port for a proper long-range commitment to grow Shreveport. But. A mayoral candidate, in transparency, must plow over the same ground those who have spent years on this project did to really bled and sweated to arrive where we are today. [Shreveport Chamber Q&A]Kindergarten Election

Transparency, the candidates for mayor have used all tools in their arsenal to take pictures and show glitz and bling, but the job of telling voters real paths toward solutions and growth still seems too much like smoke and mirrors. 

Too much of the presentation in the campaign looks like a kindergarten election or beauty pageant rather than the nuts and bolts vetting process we need. There are still forums, press conference opportunities and inquiries in the next three weeks.

Voters must demand transparency at a higher level. Voters must ask pointed questions and demand complete answers.Ideas + Execution I “Passed” Ms Provenza on the campaign finance report section of the mayoral mid-term. But we are in Final Jeopardy time trying to work out the next mayor for Shreveport. We probably get to narrow the field to two finalists, so make it count this week during the Wednesday forum and at every opportunity.

Transparency requires that every party step up the game and reveal any issues that would limit an ability to serve and show what plans might be in play to turn Shreveport on a better course. The quote I used earlier from Thomas Edison, “Ideas without execution are hallucinations” may apply to my thoughts about weak-minded candidates. I will try to fairly evaluate and judge the answers we hear from the candidates this week. As we get closer, we must diligently demand answers and transparency by ALL!