FRAUD on Voters in Shreveport District A

Fredrick Ellis
Opinion by Fredrick Ellis

by Fredrick Ellis

When I attempt to fathom the high price many courageous men and women paid for us to have the constitutional right to participate in the political process of this country, I become disturbed in my spirit when I observe so many people taking this process for granted. For granted by either not casting a vote or by remaining so politically detached from its importance, that they would vote for anyone time and time again, for all kinds of meaningless reasons; often and inevitably to the detriment of our societies at large.

I become even more disturbed when I see political candidates whom as a society we figure should know better, play with politics as if it’s some kind of game; attempting to devalue, manipulate, and ultimately insult this political process by trying to exploit loopholes for personal gain.

District A City Council-Gregory YoungGregory Young, a Candidate for city councilman District A is a prime example of the political apathy in which I am referring.

Mr. Young, who does NOT live in District A, decided to create the illusion that he lives in District A by renting a house in the MLK area and officially changing voter registration from 2209 North Cross Drive on Squirrel Point by the mandated deadline for the sole purpose of qualifying for the upcoming District A city council election. 

I find this wrong on so many levels. In fact, I find it fraudulent and insulting that a man with a plush house in the Squirrel Point Subdivision on the lake would want to trick the residents of the MLK area by making it appear he lives among them and would best represent them as their next City Councilman, when in fact he does not live among them and he never will. I wonder if Young bothered to change his Homestead Exemption. If not, he may be cheating the Parish out of valuable tax dollars.

There is a clear message candidate Young is sending to the constituents of District A. If Young starts out being dishonest with the voters, how can he be trusted with doing the public’s business? I do not like this deceitfulness one bit.

Fredrick Ellis
Shreveport, LA
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