SWAG Nation Contract with Caddo Questioned


SWAG Nation Class-Press releaseby Jimmy Couvillion

This is a summary of my research on Swag Nation USA, as it is named here. With interest in non-government organizations receiving funds from the RiverFront Fund, which is parish collected funds from the gambling boats here on the riverfront, I discovered that Swag Nation which has as its spokes person here before the Parish Commission, Commissioner Michael Williams. The commission, as stated in the contract, wanted an etiquette program for juveniles that wore swagging paints. [KTAL Story] [KTBS Story]

The NGO’s are funded from the RiverFront Fund except for Swag.  Swag has become a budget item like all other operational expenses paid for by the taxpayers of Caddo and not the gamblers at the River Boats.

NO-SWAGGINGSwag Nation has a contract with the Parish to provide such a service. Each juvenile with a recommendation from the Juvenile Court Swag gets $350 from the taxpayers for a six weeks course in how to keep up their paints. The parish pays for material and supplies and transportation for this six weeks of training.

Swag Nation in the contract agrees to present to the parish an itemized statement for such expenditure reimbursements. The maximum cost to the taxpayer each each year is $100,000. I find no where in the contract where there is any accountability to determine the effect of the six weeks of training. No provision requiring the trainee in the contract to appear before the court for such determination. It is stated that this training is during the probation period.

The contract specifies that only the parish administration can see the books or its designee. I have made a public records request to see the itemized statements that are required for payment.  The period of waiting for this will be over soon. I only get the invoice total cost. No cost itemized as required in the contract for parish payments. It statements are required to parish, that makes it a public record.

You may, like I, want to know what is on file with the Secretary of State.

Business Name: Swag Nation International
Registration Date: 4/15/2013
Domicile Address: 700 Pierre Ave.,Shreveport, La. 71103
Mailing Address: Same
Status: Active
Annual Report: None
Registered Agent(s): United States Corporation, Agent
                               1100 Poydras, Ste 2900, New Orleans 70163
Appointment Date: 4/15/2013
Officers: Directors: Lynn Martinez, Curtis Hooks and Phillip Pennywell
The Parish contract with SWAG Nation.