North Shreve Business Association Pageant

Only Two present…

… an “After Thought”

by Marion Marks

It’s not really an “After Thought” since the forum isn’t until tomorrow. BUT… Since the questions have already be circulated to both invited panelists, Ollie Tyler and Patrick Williams, why not just allow all the candidates to mail in answers? Will the forum be a matter of reading prepared responses? Come on, you have to be kidding! Giving out the questions in advance when there are just two panelists!! Voters need to read the questions and ask what your answers would be!

Financing-Flows-Step-3I think the two could just read prepared remarks and take time to interact with the audience. Only hoping now that the ridicule from here and elsewhere will spark a bit of extemporaneous “debate,” as voters need to see something else to get a feeling for any liveliness from these candidates. Voters need to learn what candidates understand about the real condition the next mayor will find the city and what plans candidates have to fix problems. We need more than speculation.

mug-of-smilePatrick Williams has displayed a great deal of energy in the two forums I observed, and Ollie Tyler appears to be learning the necessities of combativeness required to exist in the city government environment. However, the other five, no now down to four other candidates seem to be noticeably absent. They could equally mail in their answers to the pre-submitted questions.

The KTBS forum showed life from the other candidates, so we need a little fire-works and real questions from the mainstream media. Tyler may need a little more 5-hour Energy and Williams won’t need to bring in the cheerleaders to spark the audience. The other four candidates may need to make sure their names are not lost in the shuffle. Republicans, Democrats and Independent or non-aligned voters are closely watching the close we get to the November primary. So much is at stake for citizens of Shreveport.