CB: “I’ve been caught red-handed”

Go Find it...
Go Find it…

by CB Forgotston

In a story in today’s Baton Rouge daily about a report to the LSPRS declaring the Edmonson Amendment unconstitutional is found this comment:

[State Police Superintendent Mike] Edmonson decried those who keep the pension story in news, saying they are politicizing for their own benefit.

DorkDynastyYou can’t get anything past Edmonson and his “Dork Dynasty” (What the active Troopers call Edmonson and his breakfast club.) sleuths.

I confess!

I had planned not to announce what I will not be running for this fall. So, in order to de-politicize the Edmonson rip-off of the taxpayers, I hereby state, for the record, that I will not be running for anything in the fall elections.

Now that politics is removed from the issue, I can return to uncovering the misdeeds of “Dork Dynasty.”


P.S. Under the heading of “Strange Coincidences” the PDF of the report, referred to above, linked on the daily’s website has the same two missing pages that were in my initial mailing of the report.  Wonder who the paper’s source was?  No attribution is listed.

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