Forgotston Tackles LSRS -Jindal – Riser Fiasco


by CB Forgotston
[this is a combination of several releases regarding the issue of SB 294]

Daylight train robberyThe citizens of Louisiana are in the midst of having our money stolen in what is the equivalent of a daylight train robbery.

According to the Associated Press, the Louisiana State Police Retirement Systems claims to be investigating the Edmonson Amendment.

Irwin Felps, executive director of the Louisiana State Police Retirement System, said Wednesday the system’s attorneys are reviewing whether the law change was handled properly. Felps hopes to have an opinion letter within two weeks. Ibid.

These statements were in response to State Treasurer John Kennedy’s second request for a LSBRS Board meeting.   Still no meeting has been called to address the subject.

Lawless_Leaders_LATaxpayers ignored by leges

This issue is not just about some State Troopers’ retirement benefits.  If the Edmonson Amendment is not declared unconstitutional the taxpayers face infinite financial exposure, not only with LSPRS, but with all the other state retirement systems that offer DROP.

There is no effort by any elected official, but Kennedy to protect the financial interest of the taxpayers of Louisiana. The leges, with the exception of Senator Karen Carter Peterson voted to create this taxpayer liability.  They are supposed to represent us, not screw us.

The leges have a responsibility to have the LSPRS litigate or to litigate the matter themselves.

A special meeting of the La. State Police Retirement System Board was supposed to have been held early this week to consider the unconstitutional retirement benefits for State Police Superintendent Mike Edmonson and other unknown individuals. It’s now Wednesday and no meeting has been scheduled.
It’s now obvious that there will never be a discussion of the Edmonson Amendment by LSPRS Board. Between Edmonson and Bobby Jindal’s subordinates, they have a majority of the board to stop the issue from even being on the agenda.
By the time the next governor appoints new members to the board all of the current LSP members on the board will have retired, including Edmonson who will receive an extra $55,000 annually for the rest of his life.

Don't look...
Don’t look…

LSP look other way
Five members of the La. State Police are looking the other way while a crime is being committed against the taxpayers of Louisiana. The robbers are Neil Riser and his lege co-conspirators.
The five LSP officers who refuse to come to our aid while a crime is being committed are:
Frank Besson:
Kevin Marcel:
Charlie Dupuy:
Stephen Lafargue:
Thurman Miller:

We must demand that these members of the LSP stop standing by while we are being robbed. Click on the above addresses to send them a strong message that it is your money being stolen and you want them to stop it.

The robbers are the governor, the leges and the active members of the Louisiana State Police.  At stake are hundreds of millions of dollars. The robbery is in the form of an amendment to SB 294 by the DISHONORABLE Neil Riser to unconstitutionally provide Superintendent of the LSP Mike Edmonson an extra $55,000 a year in retirement benefits.  There are thousands of other active and retired employees in the same position as Edmonson who stand to gain by the amendment.

Other than State Treasury John Kennedy, not a single elected or appointed public official in Louisiana has spoken up to stop the train robbery.

Thankfully, the retired members of the LSP have joined together and written an open letter (Attached Below) to the LSPRS Board demanding that they litigate the constitutionality of SB 294.

Perhaps this example of bravery will serve as example to the five current members of the LSP who serve on the board, but who are afraid to allow SB 294 to be litigated.

We shall soon see if there is any honor and integrity left in the LSP.

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