Edmonson amendment scandal deepens


by CB Forgotston

Tarnished badge?
Tarnished badge?

In his latest column, Tom Aswell reports that two leges are calling for an investigation into  “Bastard Amendment” that gave State Police Superintendent Mike Edmonson a gift from the taxpayers of  an extra $30,000 a year for the rest of his and his family’s life.  See here.

Kudos to Representatives Edwards and Pearson for stepping up to protect the integrity of the lege process by calling for an investigation.  Thus far, no member of the State Senate has done likewise, despite evidence that implicates a senior Senate staffer.  She needs to be cleared or held accountable.

LSP investigation needed

According to Edmonson members of his staff requested the amendment.  However, he has yet to name those staff members.   The State Police should conduct its own investigation. The motto of the LSP is “Courtesy, Loyalty, Service.” It’s time to add “Integrity” to the LSP.

Kudos to Tom for breaking this story and for continuing to pursue it.

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