Patience, a Worthy Goal in Broadmoor?


ANGRY(2)by Marion Marks.  [KTBS STORY re current status 6/19] [Gloria Cook Worthey 6/20 Shreveport Times]

“If someone lacks patience, the way he perceives the root cause is a key factor in how he will approach seeking a solution. Looking at a lack of patience as being rooted in factors over which one has no present control is not the most effective and efficient way to find a solution.Consider the fact: “I’m not patient because I haven’t yet mastered this mental skill.” This attitude should motivate me to improve my skill. Or, so the logic goes…” Unknown

Master_PlanningAfter the Shreveport City Council’s recent 3132 vote, I was floored at what I thought would transpire. This was simply my belief based on MPC(Metropolitan Planning Commission), ZBA(Zoning Appeals) decisions and prior commitments of council members. However, some “compromise” deal appears to have been reached that public was not part of discussion.

I‘m not sure what really will happen Monday at the work session or Tuesday at the City Council meeting.But KTBS’s Gerry May will air a story tonight at 6:00 that is not very positive regarding the BBC treatment of neighbors and parking patterns of church members at the last two Sunday morning services. As I have off-handedly commented “WWJP?” (Where Would Jesus Park?)[ORIGINAL STORY]

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I have been informed by a city councilman who is trying to help the church and neighbors come to terms, that the council will postpone the hearing until the last meeting in July at the request of the church’s architect. The premise is to allow the parties to get together and try to reach some common ground. As I was also informed, “I have, on fairly good authority, that the church does not intend to show up at the Council meeting unless they have an agreement with the neighbors in hand. They would rather walk away from the appeal than face a public relations nightmare.

Immediate effect BBCMore of the facts will be revealed on the KTBS story, but I believe Gerry May was told that the church now have a new proposal based on backing off some of the proposed concrete to the south of one neighbor’s and giving her some green buffer with landscaping. This is a very positive step and I hope it leads to compromise.However, the paving of a broad area that was formerly able to absorb surface water still is objectionable to MPC guidelines.

There are so many issues wrong with going in and paving a broad swarth of permeable space, thereby forever destroying a fragile ecosystem. And to an outside observer, it appears that members of the church don’t seem to be sensitive to the real neighborhood sentiment concerning what they consider to be “transient neighborhood users.”

People who spend every day living and raising children in the community deserve primary right of determining the development of their community over transient residents who often only spend two hour a week there. This is a basic freedom and the responsibility of our city government to respect. When those who are 24/7/365 can no longer control the development of their neighborhood, we surrender to what has been commonly called “The Walmart Mentality.”

Being an elected leader is not easy, of that I’m sure. But making a hard call is necessary to create a model for the community. Shreveport has been guided too often by self-serving politicians who always work by “exceptions.” And these “exceptions” have developed into expected rule of government. The rule should be that fair guidelines, MPC accepted rules, must be the blueprint for development.

Actual Flooding
Actual Flooding

We have all too often allowed too many groups to manipulate the system to the point that the system has lost standards, and the public feels helpless. Councilmen, YOU have a chance to help right the wrongs and repair the system. Please exercise honest and respectable rules for this community and our city as a whole.

If this issue has been a public relations nightmare for the church and pastor, whose fault is it? Should you “shoot the messenger” or should we learn about becomingbetter neighbors,a trusted city council and worthy of citizen respect.