Sunday School Lessons and Neighbors 101


FaceBook-LIEby Marion Marks

Some truths are as self-evident as FaceBook pictures that seem trite and worn-out when we see them. It’s almost as simplistic as a Sunday School lesson. We laugh or even cry as simple transparent images or parables appear to validate our childhood stories.

Lessons such as treating neighbors as we would expect them to treat us, and fair play in the school yard went unchallenged in childhood. In Sunday School no one dared to question the values of our teachers.Yet, when we grew up to the reality of the business world and grown-up games, we realize that words such as “transparency” and “fair play” too often lose to “greed” and “profit”.It's a "Gold Standard"...

Childhood lessons were repeated to the extent that we had coloring books and comics in sent home to proudly display for the rest of the family to see what we learned. Questioning these values was too silly and unheard of behavior. Obviously the lesson didn’t stick.

It’s time to admit we still have human frailties displayed as we carry on violating primary childhood principles, like The Golden Rule. Obviously the Shreveport City Council needs to find time to go back to Sunday school and admit that neighbors deserve a fairer shake than appears was given those along Flournoy Lucas by the message that 3132 is not really part of YOUR MASTER PLAN.

hands_thumbs_up_downNext at the City Council it may be the Broadmoor neighbors, who clearly stated their desires consistently to both the MPC and ZBA with clear interpretation of what proper growth rights mean for their neighborhood. I believe the City Council should confirm the neighbor’s sense of fair play. 

I also believe that the words spoken as the intent of a church by Senior Pastor Dr. Chuck Pourciau, to me at his invitation,to be a good neighborshould be confirmed by church spokesmen at the City Council as well as in other forums.Children learn principles of right and wrong by observing adults,and the words of these leaders have to always apply in the deeds and works in the community as well as in Sunday School.ABC-123

Governments must be responsive to the will of those most affected by their decisions, and the form of communication used to send a message must be unequivocal. Citizens have difficulty believing leaders everywhere when they find decisions based onback-room shenanigans.” If the way government works continues to rely on the back room, it’s time to turn the page on our leaders.They need to go to the remedial Sunday School program and to Neighbors 101.