Mr. Rogers Would be Unhappy at Broadmoor Baptist


by Marion Marks

Holding Blank Score Cards
Clean Slates…

In my first story regarding Broadmoor Baptist Church, I began with a clean slate, a number of interviews and the reports of a number of agencies and boards that were established to create better community environments. City Planning, Flood Control, Zoning Appeals are all issues that form the framework of a working community. No community starts with the pre-condition that they want to harm their neighbors. Obviously, None of the founders of these community concepts had met the Broadmoor Baptist Church Inner Circle.

For the original article as well as the follow up, I interviewed church neighbors, read the Pierre Bayou River Basin Master Plan, MPC reports and the Zoning Board of Appeal evidence. I used the name “Mary” for Judy, as I didn’t want to place undue pressure. Judy is proving to be very tough!

I will support Judy & every neighbor who is pressured beyond their comfort level. Born YesterdayThe original attempt to close Atlantic Street in 2002 is covered in the the Shreveport document [HERE.] Since then every few years, as described in a KTBS Story, a group of the church’s members have made an aggressive effort to encourage neighbors to sell adjacent property to the church to allow for expanded parking. Both this KTBS story and the original KSLA story and interviews have helped air the same facts I have found.

After I wrote the original story, I received angry emails, & I was encouraged to visit the senior pastor, Dr. Chuck Pourciau, so I did. I was advised that he might speak words I wanted to hear as opposed to the words the church uses in an attempt to get their “Master Plan.” I therefore exercised my legal right, as I have learned in any situation where I feel my words will be used against me, and I recorded my conversation. I am comfortable with every action I have taken in this matter and with every one I have spoken. If the truth proves the neighbors have been completely honest in their actions, yet the church has acted improperly, ALL the facts may have to be laid out before the public.

My hope is that the Deacons of the church will step up and independently take steps to do the right things in this case, otherwise the whole community loses. Shreveport has a bad record of destroying the good to protect the empowered, and this must cease. Just because a powerful group can force a plan through to completion doesn’t make it a good plan.

Not a good idea of how to proceed...
Not a very good neighbor…

In BBC’s case of expanding parking, disregarding the bigger plans of the community, makes poor public relations & trouble. It’s a poor job of developing the neighborhood, and making overt strong-arm displays both in private and public meetings has negative consequences.

Fred-RogersMy children’s show hero Mr. Rogers said it best in describing our responsibility toward our neighbors:
“We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. It’s easy to say “It’s not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem.” Then there are those who see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes.” – Fred Rogers

*More documents exist and a complete compilation may soon be available.