Shreveport Down, New Orleans Up, in New Data


by Elliott Stonecipher

Elliott_StonecipherTexas is still on figurative population-gain fire according to the U. S. Census Bureau’s new report on population change.  During the Bureau’s most recent statistical year, July 1, 2012 to July 1, 2013, three of the nation’s five fastest-growing cities are in the Lone Star state:  San Marcos, Frisco and Cedar Park were No. 1, 2 and 4 in population growth by percentage during the subject year, each growing by at least 5%.  The data are from the Bureau’s official population Estimates program.[Census Bureau Geographic Terms & Definitions]

Louisiana cities remain in a different category, as has long been the case, with 2 of its 9 largest cities by population showing losses, with 6 others showing relatively small increases, and with 1 making the list of the nation’s Top 100, New Orleans.


Clearly shifting into a higher gear in its comeback from Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans’ one-year growth was +2.4%, 369,888 in July 1, 2012 to 378,715 by July 1, 2013.  Since the 2010 Census, New Orleans’ population has increased +10.1%.  The state’s population has grown only 2.0% since the 2010 national headcount.  The city’s population remains almost 106,000 lower than when Katrina hit in late-summer 2005.

Shreveport’s population stagnation of three-plus decades continues.  With July 1, 2013 population of 200,327 – down -1,739, or -0.9%, compared to one year earlier – Shreveport’s population is now 5,493 below its 1980 Census count, 205,820.

Also in the population loss column in the Bureau’s most recent statistical year is Baton Rouge.  The capital city lost -580 residents, or -0.2%.

Following New Orleans in the population gain category are:
Bossier City, up +1.3% to 66,333
Lafayette, up +1.1% to 124,276
Alexandria, up +0.7% to 48,426
Lake Charles, up +0.5% to 74,024
Monroe, up +0.4% to 49,761
Kenner, up +0.1% to 66,975

Elliott Stonecipher

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