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 by CB Forgotston

The law means what it says...
The law means what it says…

For years the “Heh, Heh, Heh Ethics Board” has been using a patently unconstitutional law to intimidate ordinary citizens. The law has finally been declared unconstitutional by a Federal judge. Story here.

The state law prohibited a whistle-blower from talking about an ethics complaint that they had filed. It made it a crime. 

By contrast, there is no such state law to prohibit one from talking about a criminal charge made against someone.morals-and-ethics

There was only one purpose of the law; to protect powerful public officials until the Ethics Board could find a way to dismiss the complaint.


The law would have been thrown-out years ago if any other public official had been as dumb as disgraced St. Tammany Parish Coroner Peter Galvan.  Galvan insisted that the whistle-blowers be charged with a crime for talking to the media about an ethics complaint they filed against him.

Finally, justice has been served. Galvan is felon, serving time in a Federal Prison and the law used for decades to intimidate law-abiding citizens has been thrown out.

Ironically, having the bogus law declared unconstitutional may be the only decent public service that Galvan ever provided.

Only in Louisiana would citizens be punished for exposing corruption. It’s another example of the fact that just because a law is written in the law books, doesn’t mean it is constitutional.

Kudos to the Kings for being good and courageous citizens and for not allowing the Ethics Board intimidation tactics to stop them. 

It's Right - Twice a day!
It’s Right – Twice a day!

The Ethics Board is Ripe With Hypocrisy(See story here.)

The fact is that the board is correct this time is more like a stopped clock being correct twice a day rather than consistently upholding the law.

I wish I thought the board was sincere. However, they have put more holes in the ethics laws with bogus special interest opinions than the leges ever did.

The current ethics laws and board is more about allowing public officials to get away with violation of the public trust rather than holding them to high standards.

Ethic Board Louisiana-Jean IngrassiaGood Ole Boys Prevail

According to” Heh, Heh, Heh, Ethics Board” member Jean Ingrassia “the board is obligated to let legislators know when it disagrees with proposed ethics law changes.” The Advocate, May 17, 2014

The reference was to the lege carving out an exemption for Cedric Grant so that he can serve as head of the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board.

However, an Internet search found no such objection by the board to the lege carving out an exemption (Now on Jindal’s desk for signature.) for Sen. David Heitmeier’s brother former state senator Francis Heitmeier so that he would lobby the lege despite his brother being a member.

Obviously, the board had no objection to the Heitmeier exemption. Because, you see, Francis Heitmeier is a long-time member of the “Good Ol’ Boys Club.”

Francis Heitmeier is also the fellow who is spending his leftover campaign warchest among other things on a suite in Tiger Stadium that he shares with Senate President John Alario.

This is yet another blatant case of “who you know; not what you know” as practiced by the “Heh, Heh, Heh, Ethics Board.”

To see who are these jokers on the board go here.


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