Crisis in Confidence at City Hall


by Marion Marks

5/20/2014 KTBS Expands and Validates story!
Just the factsNEW NOTE: Public Records Request from Art Thompson, Attorney for Shreveport City Council–HERE
As of 5/16/2014 the PRR to the mayor yielded this document, which indicates that the mayor, not Grigsby have to provide evidence that the escrow account acutally exists. Therefore, it is the mayor’s word at meeting that we are asking be verified. We believe the response is a “Non-responsive” letter that proves the mayor KNOWS and has MISLED the public by repeating that the money has been in an account at Capital One.

Mad_as_hellSince I accept responsibility for hosting this blog, I get lots of communication from people who are “MAD AS HELL, AND DON’T WANT TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!” Many of these work in the public sector and feel betrayed by their leaders. I certainly understand. Today, I received communications from several different people regarding the Calvin Grigsby issues and the mayor’s concerns that several city councilmen were not giving him and Grigsby a fair hearing. I listened, they talked, I made calls for information.

As a result of these calls, I determined to email the mayor, carbon copy each city councilman and ask a few direct questions that would determine the veracity of a number of points the mayor has made. My allegations appear to be clearly three questions that the mayor has the opportunity to address. I hope he understands this as facts I feel the public deserves a clear answer without any “buts”.

My email:

Legacy: a Dog Park...
Legacy: Grigsby…

Mayor Cedric Glover has created his own crisis in confidence by demanding the city council accept his chosen financial adviser to the city as the bond broker for voter approved bond sales that will allow the city to continue to work withing an approved budget and work schedule. The crisis is the result of the city council demand that the mayor and his adviser accept responsibility for the over billing for services, as well as demands that any financial agent be approved by the city council as the law specifies.

At thiTruth_v_Falses point the mayor, attempting to buy time and support, has insisted that money claimed by the city council, and awarded by the court, is in an escrow account at Capital One. And, the citizens, city council and media should now allow him to work with Calvin Grigsby as the city’s financial agent to sell more bonds.

Our problem is that we want to first be shown the proof that money awarded by the courts is actually in an account at Capital One. Therefore Mayor Glover’s office must provide, through the city attorney or city council the documents related to:

  1. The account number indicated as “A Capital One escrow account the city has that represents Calvin Grigsby money in escrow.”
  2. The balance today in the account referenced in #1.
  3. A summary of transactions, by date, related to the account in #1.

At the point where the mayor demonstrated that the words he has spoken about escrow funds are accurate citizens might have some confidence in his other words.

Trust but VerifyUntil that point is clarified, I want to go back to a politician of recent history. It’s OK to trust, but verify. Mayor we want to trust you, but verify that we have a reason for giving that trust.