Monday Reload: Caddo Commission Poor Judgement


by Marion Marks


October 19, 2013 the Caddo Commission bond election was a minimal blip on the ballot. Along with a referendum to allow for almost “unlimted” terms for commissioners, the commission added this item that utilized the AAA Bond Rating of the parish to demonstrate that the parish was fiscally responsible. It may have been that the audacity to ask that commissioners be allowed to remain in office as an almost lifetime appointment was the tipping factor in this election that barely failed. Administrator Woody Wilson explained the needs briefly at a BNA (Broadmoor Neighborhood Association) meeting HERE.

The issue failed May 3, 2014 with over 77% voting down the “REDO” and this may upset the trajectory of the Commission for years to come. Greater diligence may prove the downfall of a number of officials in elections to come.Commission-UPSIDE_DOWN

Stay tuned for more details and analysis.