Fixing the O&G Mess in Louisiana’s Coastline


Plaquemines Parish abandoned infrastructure
Plaquemines Parish abandoned infrastructure

I am pro oil and gas, but Oil & Gas interests must be held accountable for the mess they have left on the coast of Louisiana.  Even though Senator Adley is the author of SB553 and got the support of Buffington and Peacock, one senator representing us here Senator Tarver voted for the people and not for the industry. Not saying oil and gas should completely restore the entire surface of the marsh, but at least leave it so nature can to some degree overcome their trespassing. Each of these links below are full of pictures.  Each one you click on has a slide show. [this compliments of Jimmie Couvillion]

Plaquemine Parish

From Jonathan Henderson, JD, MBA:
Why isn’t this being cleaned up?   Why isn’t the state of Louisiana making those responsible clean this up.

St. Bernard Parish
St. Bernard Parish

Here are links to two sets of new oil, gas, pipeline canal aerial photos that Jonathan Henderson  took on April 11th, 2014. There is one set from St. Bernard Parish and one set from Plaquemines Parish:

Also, is a link to some abandoned and in some cases leaking infrastructure also taken on April 11th, 2014. You can see exposed flow lines in some of the shots. I will add more images from previous flights to this set soon.

Please use the photos as you see fit and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Credit: Jonathan Henderson, Gulf Restoration Network



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