Lewd in the Library – SML Needs a Reboot


by Marion MarksUp Here Ladies

The concept “Lewd in the Library” is probably far too tame today to consider behavior that would get most banned from the library. However, “Lewd” might aptly refer to the angle some staff at Shreve Memorial Library branches have previously applied to patrons who didn’t follow personal directives. KTBS covered the 26-page list of Banned Patrons as young as 8-years old. Some seem to be banned for infractions that lack logic or certainly a defined policy.

"It's like daddy watches on our home computer..."
“It’s like daddy watches on our home computer…”

Whatever the “unacceptable” behavior is that has neither Policy nor Procedure definition according to board guidelines, patrons as young as 8-years old have been “Banned for LIFE!” AT least it’s for life until they successfully appeal their expulsion from the library when they are old enough to understand the issues. If these issues are not clarified, we will have children who can’t even look at art or participate in public activities at public facilities.

I wonder if these children would be banned from a Shreveport Library for having their picture made with art that looks similar to what daddy views on their home computer every night…