Vapor Barrier or Transparency Barrier?


mold-scam-alertby Marion Marks

Thanks to Alexandria Burris, Michele Marcotte, John Prime and the Shreveport Times for follow up on one issue addressed at March 31 Shreve Memorial Library board meeting. I addressed this after the board meeting in “An Institution Gone Amuck” and feel the public must demand details of the churning work that never really fixes the inherent problem.

Louisiana citizenship requirement #1: understand we live in a very HUMID environment; mold and mildew are inherent issues, more so DANGERS to specific assets. Groups accepting a building to house books should KNOW if the building has a vapor barrier and is capable of housing paper-based products. Quotes, even thoughts that appear quite difficult to comprehend from a library board member:

Yes, I get it!
Yes, I get it!

He said it is suspected the building may not have a vapor barrier in the walls to prevent moisture from seeping through.

There are underlying issues in the building itself,” he said. “Until we hire a professional to come and take a good assessment of it, we won’t really know.”

$10,000 expense to taxpayers to be told details of this problem seems more than a day late and $10,000 too much. Mold and construction experts KNEW this building‘s problems when it became a library. The library is a downtown destination that must remain an anchor for a vibrant community. Buying new buildings and talk of moving the main branch demonstrates more poor leadership.

Throwing Money awayThrowing money and wasting time seems to be the pattern of appointed and elected officials manipulating behind the scenes. Decisions on insider contractors seems to be a specialty of the library and other organizations.

  • *Transparency must be demanded!
    ublished bid details and awarded contracts on any action above a minimum dollar amount must be monitored by citizen groups.
    Effective public services and public resources demand responsible behaviors.
    *Tax renewals should be based upon better planned programs.
  • It’s really no Rocket Surgery!