The “A Point In Every Direction” Master Plan Marshals On

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by Murray Lloyd

The “A Point In Every Direction” Master Plan Marshals On

See, this is what happens when you try to hold elected officials accountable in the City of Shreveport – they just start making stuff up.
Never mind the Master Plan says not to, they think it is good “strategery” to continue to sprawl with no plan.
The argument is that, since we have made so many mistakes in the past, the way to fix this is to keep making them until we have filled in the gaps of all the mistakes we haven’t made yet.

Image from Cover of 1956 Master Plan
Image from Cover of 1956 Master Plan

And, if you noticed, neither the Mayor nor the Councilman mentioned the Master Plan.
Why? Because the Master Plan we really work from is “I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it wherever I want to.”

In religion, this is called “sin”; in biology this is called “cancer”; in economic development this is called “haste & greed.”
Any way you look at it, this will cause damage.
Sustainable Growth is an oxymoron; we need sustainable development; and for that we need a comprehensive annexation policy while we design and implement a redevelopment strategy for our city. Otherwise it will always be cheaper to develop green fields than it is to redevelop brown fields.

Bad dog!
This dog seeks FACTS!!

In two weeks, the City Council will hold a Public Hearing on these annexations where everyone will be allowed to provide their uninformed and unsubstantiated opinions on the subject,
after which they will ask for a show of hands “for or against” so that they can then make a decision based on “mob rule.”
Unless we take the first step toward self-correction by at least discussing a comprehensive annexation policy there will never be a redevelopment plan as called for by the Great Expectations Master Plan.Pogo- Pogo Hat