JABI Supporting Jindal


By CB Forgotston
Today, JABI (Jindal Association of Business and Industry) formerly known as LABI (Louisiana Associate of Business and Industry) Tweeted out a news story about Bobby Jindal promising an extra $6 Million for the community and technical colleges.

JABI doesn’t questions the source of Jindal’s largesse; it merely blatantly promotes the man for whom Stephen Waguespack previously worked and to whom he owes his current job as president of JABI.

Because of the over-spending, these gestures Jindal to increase his popularity in Louisiana for his national aspirations increases the pressure for higher taxes and cuts to vital services.

If JABI wants to promote spending, then it needs to dig into the state budget and offer suggestions for reducing it. Opposing spending on NGOs is a good start.

As a 30-plus year member of LABI, I suggest that JABI stop promoting Jindal’s personal agenda and focus on its job of looking out for the long-term, best interest of its members.


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