Public Credit Card Abuse Goes from BAD to WORSE


by CB Forgotston

Cut 'em UP!
Cut ’em UP!

In recent years there have been many, many media reports about public officials and employees using government-issued credit cards for personal purchases.

Recently, I suggested an end of all such credit cards as the abuse of them far outweighs their usefulness. (Lee Zurik Report on Abuse)

The latest

The latest credit card scandal involved the person at the Department of Child and Family Services whose job it is to make sure the cards are not abused. ( See report here.)

If we cannot trust our public servants and cannot trust those who are supposed to prevent such theft of our tax dollars, it adds urgency to the need to eliminate the temptation.


Nowadays, almost every public servant has a personal credit/debit card that can be used for work-related purchases. Others can get cash advances. They can get reimbursed for the credit card expenditures by submitting documents proving the expenditures are work-related.

A quick check of the bills filed for the current lege session, found not a single one dealing with reining in the abuse of credit cards.

There’s still time for the leges to introduce legislation to halt this practice which clearly the state is incapable of properly regulating.  It’s time to remove this temptation.

How much is it costing?

We taxpayers don’t know how many millions of dollars this is costing us every year. However, it is surely enough to address some of our state’s critical needs.

This abuse of OUR tax dollars must stop!


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