Hardball Politics or Sending a Message


Gangsterism Enforcerby Marion Marks

Shreveport/Caddo Parish is known by outsiders for cut-throat, often vicious dealings with anyone who fails to follow the rules of the “Power Brokers.” The Jim Leslie murder in Baton Rouge still resonates with many. Quite often it’s related as “You only get warned once.” Edgar G. Robinson obviously taught some good lessons.

Today’s Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) struggle to find new leadership has taken lessons from gangster profiles, and Caddo Commissioner John Escude must be trying to impress others that he really means business if you don’t “toe the line” he expects.

Email attributed to John Escude:

Don't mess with me...
Don’t mess with me…

From: John Escude <caddocajun@gmail.com>

To: bowmanservesus <bowmanservesus@gmail.com>; dcox <dcox@caddo.org>; Douglawyer <Douglawyer@aol.com>; Jeff Everson <eversonjeff@hotmail.com>; Jim Smith <sohills@bellsouth.net>; Ken Epperson <Kaacme001@aol.com>; lbaker-olivebranch <lbaker-olivebranch@comcast.net>; lyndon johnson <queism93@yahoo.com>; Michael Corbin <CorbinForCouncil@gmail.com>; Michael Williams <michaelwilliams6075@yahoo.com>; Mike Thibodeaux <MJThib1@bellsouth.net>; Oliver Jenkins <jenkins.oliver@hotmail.com>; rosemarie830 <rosemarie830@hotmail.com>; sljenkin <sljenkin@bellsouth.net>; believelynch <believelynch@aol.com>

Sent: Wed, Mar 5, 2014 08:09 PM

Subject: Re: The MPC just spit in the Council and Commissions face. Is it time to go to the mattresses?

TElected Official Conducthe MPC has just spit in the Council and Commissions face. We will not be allowed to serve even as advisory members for the hiring of the new director. Not allowed in the room for interviews or comment. Can attend only as any other ordinary citizen.

Is it time to go to the mattresses. Maybe hire wartime counciliere’? [Escude learn to spell]

I sent John Escude an email requesting an explanation of his seemingly not-so-veiled threat to those who failed to “toe the line” with his philosophy of running the MPC. I requested a response, and to this point I have received none. If he choses to repond, he will be given the opportunity.