Caddo Parish Animal Services Wasting Tax Dollars


by MRobinson's Rescue Logoarion Marks

Most people in northwest Louisiana are aware that Caddo Parish has a feather in its cap with regards to its partner in animal welfare—namely the low cost/high volume spay/neuter clinic on Line Avenue called Robinson’s Rescue. For the past five plus years, Robinson’s Rescue has performed more than 26,000 spay and neuter surgeries for area pets. Most of these surgeries are targeted towards our low-income neighbors who, without the assistance of Robinson’s Rescue, cannot afford the cost of preventing their pets from reproducing.

The mission statement of Robinson’s Rescue is: To eliminate the euthanasia of adoptable dogs and cats in our region, prevent unwanted litters, and end the dog and cat over-population in Northwest Louisiana.

nestegg dollarsSo if the private non-profit organization known as Robinson’s Rescue (created with private dollars) has a partnership with the parish to eliminate euthanasia in our community, why have public taxpayer dollars been used to build out an unnecessary spay/neuter clinic at our parish shelter? Why did not a single parish commissioner know that the shelter was being remodeled to accommodate this clinic? Who did know? Why the secrecy?

secret_fundingWhere are the details in the 2013 or 2014 parish operating budgets to explain the source of the funding to create and operate a parish-run spay/neuter clinic? How much was spent? Who approved the expensive surgical tools and equipment, anesthesia machine, veterinarian and vet tech salaries? Why would the Director of Caddo Parish Animal Services think using public dollars to compete with a private non-profit organization (whose mission is to help that same parish deal with their pet over-population problem) would be acceptable to the citizens of this parish?

And where does the Caddo Parish Administrator stand on this issue? Did he know what was afoot? If not, why not? But if so, where does the buck stop? The taxpayers deserve honest answers to how and why their money is being misspent on expensive and unnecessary duplication of services. Who will step forward and answer these questions?

*MMCC has been a sponsor of Robinson’s Rescue since its inception and sponsors the website