Ride a Dead Horse – Shreveport Sues Calvin Grigsby

Dead Horse Crime Scene
Yep, the horse is dead!

On February 14th Shreveport filed litigation against Grigsby and Associates in the First Judicial District Court in Shreveport. The path to the actual filing has followed the western indian wars of the 1870’s as skirmishes through the mountains of the Mexican frontier. Everyone knew the indian nations were destined to defeat, but the ritual had to play itself out.

Cant Fake Riding the HorseThe Dakota Indians have been credited with the saying appropriate to this City Council battle with Mayor Glover’s attempt to revive Calvin Grigsby as the bond attorney for the city. Their saying was: “when you discover the the horse you are riding is dead, the best strategy is to dismount.”

It was always known by insiders that Grigsby was over billing the city, and monies went to Glover and his associates. But the wink and nod of most officials was recognition that this was the way winners were rewarded, and the public was stuck with the bill.

Council Choses to beat Dead HorseHowever the Shreveport City Council has chosen to make an example of Grigsby by seeking damages from a shell company and an apparent bankrupt sole-proprietor. The Glover-Council fight seems destined to continue.

The “Dead Horse” obviously needs a “stronger whip.” And if that doesn’t work, a better attorney might be equated to “Changing riders.”

City Council meetings resulted in threats of terminating Grigsby’s non-existent contract with the city if he didn’t reimburse the city for over billing didn’t work. This was equivalent to “threatening the horse with termination.”

The circus of strategy in the litigation seems apparent, but certainly more outside attorneys will be required to help collect the non-existent Grigsby monies. I think it will require “appointing a committee to study the dead horse.”

When yoThreaten-the-Dead-Horseu spend time reading the attached filing, certainly some of the other strategies below may be appropriate.

  • Arranging to visit other countries to see how other ride a dead horse.
  • Lowering the standards so that dead horses can compete.
  • Reclassify the horse as “living-impaired.”
  • Hiring outside contractors to ride the dead horse.
  • Harnessing several dead horses together o increase speed.
  • Providing additional funding to improve the dead horse.
  • Provide funding to train the dead horse.
  • Complete a productivity study to see if lighter riders could increase the speed of the dead horse.
  • Declare the dead horse as nutritionally stable so as to not require feed.
  • Rewrite the performance requirements for dead horses.
  • Promote the dead horse to a supervisory position that is above evaluation requirements.
  • Deem the dead horse to an honorary position and pay a stipend.
Mayor Gone Riding
Mayor, we pity the dead horse.

Shreveport’s pattern of mayoral bull-headed intransigence on the dog park is again proving to cost taxpayers with demonstrations, hot air and bills that should never be generated. The 2014 elections can’t come soon enough. And competence with regulations, city financing and extreme patience must be a yardstick for candidates filing in the fall.

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