Badge of Dishonor: George D’Artois


Alleged Murder Plot & Jim Leslie’s Life

George D'Artois arrested
George D’Artois arrested

The reign of Commissioner of Public Safety, George D’Artois, from the 1950’s thru the 70’s is a thread of Louisiana and Shreveport history worthy of study and introspection. If we never learn from this history, we will repeat it in various forms now and in the future. The Jere Joiner (NOT to be confused with Shreveport historian Gary Joiner) biography of his life in Shreveport law enforcement at this time, reveals the dark underside that we are ashamed to revisit. Yet lessons evaluated in light of errors made often allow us to change the pattern of our failure.

Thanks to Joiner, KTBS and those who knew the inside of this story, we may reevaluate the issues based on facts now coming to light. These words of KTBS must be studied, analyzed for content, and finally reviewed as new information is peeled back from the layers of history. The partial story is here, but the book should be required reading for public officials and those who hope to participate in Shreveport’s future.

Get to know those who are still alive. Demand the facts, and study the available data. More will be available soon. Here are some of Elliott Stonecipher’s prior stories:
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