Jim Leslie & George D’Artois Story Revisited


Jerry Joiner’s New Book

by Elliott Stonecipher

George D'Artois_Interview
George D’Artois

I thank KTBS Television in Shreveport for their news story, broadcast last night, about a book by former Shreveport Police Department officer, Jere Joiner, now retired and living out-of-state.  The book’s title is “Badge of Dishonor.”

Here is the link to the KTBS story.

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Manufactured “Riots”

As some of you will remember, I wrote an article on this subject in 2012, which the author has included in his book.  Given my involvement in certain parts of this compelling Shreveport history, as well as that of my two brothers then reporting for the Shreveport Journal, this subject is in many ways very personal.  More broadly, I believe the story recounted first-person by Jere Joiner helps to explain the genesis of the Shreveport community’s dual demons, racial division and public corruption.  That Shreveport is thus challenged is the case in many other places today, especially in the Deep South.  How the reign of a George D’Artois comes to be, at such extraordinary cost to some others, is something every such American place must understand, sooner or later.

As I have noted to many people in many ways over many years, it is notable that no one directly involved in Jim Leslie’s murder at the Prince Murat in that summer of 1976 was charged, much less tried.  It would have been much better for Shreveport, I believe, if each and every one of them had been.

I sincerely thank Jere Joiner for his labor.

Elliott Stonecipher

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