Task No.1 for Next Mayor — Staffing His Office


Shreveport Attorney John Settle
by John Settle

There’s an old adage that a new broom sweeps clean, and this can be expected in the Shreveport Mayor’s office after this year’s election. There is not doubt that pink slips will be issued, the only question being how many.

TEAM 11 of Mayor
The Magnificent Eleven

On the “low end” of the pay scale is an office specialist drawing almost $45,000.00 per year. The duties for this positiom include receptionist, phone calls, logging documents, distributing mail and handling citizen complaints.

The highest paid staffers is, of course, the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) with a salary exceeding $155,00.00. The CAO oversees all city departments and department heads, and participates in all programs with the City on behalf of the Mayor. The CAO has two administrative assistants with combined salaries exceeding $177,00.00.


Glover has three assistants with combined salaries of 214,000.00. His confidential secretary is paid almost $52,00.00 a year.

Rounding out the mayor’s office is his communications director (salary of $102.000.00), and his economic development/film industry advisor (salary of $103,000.00). A few of these staff positions are civil service; the large majority are not and thus there is no job security.

The success of the next administration will depend in a large part on the mayor’s staff. It’s a delicate task for mayoral candidates to recruit key staff members before the election, and it goes without saying that confidentiality is paramount in the selection process.

Its doubtful any of Glover’s key staff members will jump ship before the end of his term, – if for no other reason than most of them could not earn their salary (plus benefits) in the private sector. Who gets to stay and who must go with Shreveport’s next mayor is an open question, although major changes are expected no matter who wins the election.