KEEL News Radio 710 Noted Insight into Glover


Glover-PhantomKEEL seems to have grasped the concept that other writers, and this blog, have consistently asserted concerning Shreveport Mayor Cedric Bradford Glover. Basically, Glover has transformed himself into a “Phantom” public official. KEEL’s op-ed describes Glover in their headline “Shreveport-Bossier’s Phantom of the Opera Is Mayor Glover” with sharp and accurate definition by author Dennis Foley.

Foley notes the job expectations of the elected mayor, while castigating accurately his failures of courtesy, professionalism and disruptive management style in daily absurd behavior. His comparison of a northeastern community to rebuild itself after the textile industry had run its course to the loss of the GM plant seems fair and accurately documented.

Just the factsGlover has no basis for complaint of the facts in this article concerning the Shreveport-Bossier “Fastest Shrinking Economy article as printed in Huffington Post and as described by Elliott Stonecipher here. There has been no rebuttal from the mayor’s office, as clearly the facts speak for themselves. The local economy does have a negative trajectory over the last two years.

Customer Service in Shreveport-Bossier is taken to task by Foley, and the example set by the mayor of poor service is reference for any future candidate that although the bar is set low, some do understand the potential for real improvement.

Thanks KEEL & Foley for your support of premises others have contended and your defense of free speech.