Thompson Plays Spin the Bottle on Elected Offices

Shreveport Attorney John Settle
by John Settle

Jeff Thompson’s recent announcement that he is seriously considering becoming a candidate to replace retiring Bossier/Webster Judge Ford Stinson this fall left many political observers shaking their heads.

Thompson won a hotly contested election to the Louisiana House of Representatives in 2011 against Duke Lowrie. Many political observers noted that his campaign tactics reached a new nadir for “dirty” politics in that election, – – even by Bossier standards.

Running for...
Running for…

 Thompson previously ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2008. He was soundly trounced by Dr. John Fleming, who was the favored Republican candidate. Thompson’s whimsical campaign did not endear him to the hard core Republicans who begrudgingly endorsed him over Lowrie only after Thompson’s commitment to serve maximum terms.

Bossier/Webster Senator Robert Adley is termed out of office next year (2015). Thompson has previously announced, along with State Representative Henry Burns, that he would be a candidate for this slot. Most politicos believe Burns is the heavy favorite in this race. Many heavyweight local Republicans are, again, dismayed by Thompson’s political ego.

What will it be?
What will it be?

 In a press release Thompson stated that as a judge he could reach people more directly from the bench than he could from Baton Rouge. Seemingly, Thompson has confused his role as a Representative, i.e. an advocate for his district versus that of a judge, i.e. a neutral arbiter of facts and laws.

 In the meantime his supporters are up in the air as to what campaign to prepare for – – district judge, state senate or state representative. There’s plenty of time between now and qualifying for the November primary, so Thompson can look around some more for other electoral positions that may suit his fancy.Jeff Thompson picks office

 Bossier Parish School Board terms are up for re-election this fall as well as Foster Campbell’s Public Service Commission seat. So, Sir Jeff the Office Seeker will have many choices this fall. Maybe he should just punch his ticket and go to the house, I mean his home.