Is Team Jindal Printing Money?


by CB ForgotstonJindal Print Money

Today, we learn of yet another addition by Team Jindal to the  proposed FY15 state budget.

According to a story in today’s Advocate, money has been added to the proposed FY15 budget to pay the state’s portion of an increase in premiums for state employees and retirees’ healthcare insurance. No dollar amount was revealed, but its safe to say that it is in the millions of dollars.

The rate increase should be no surprise, as it was predicted last year when Bobby Jindal gave the employees and retirees a rate reduction. The reduction meant a savings to the state’s portion of the premiums to balance the current year’s budget.

At the same time, most in the private sector experienced healthcare rate increases. Other than raw politics, there was no legitimate basis for the decrease.

Since early last week, Jindal has announced millions of dollars in additions to his proposed FY15 budget that was already in the red to the tune of over $500 Million just to keep spending at the same level as the current budget. Revenue projections for FY15 that begins on July 1 are projected to be stagnant, at best.

Thus far, all the focus on the FY15 budget has been the very popular revenue additions.

Once again, from where is Jindal taking the money to fund the budget additions?


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