Coming Soon: “Louisiana, THE High Getaway!”


LA-Jindal-with-weedRather than “Shreveport-Bossier, Louisiana‘s OTHER SIDE” it could be: “Louisiana, THE  High Getaway!” Louisiana may discover new sources of taxable revenue Colorado, Washington and other states have used as the right-wing coalition discovers the advantages of marijuana. So, just allow legalized marijuana (for recreational use) and Jindal may have found a way to plug the ever-growing state budget gap.

LOUISIANA HIGH TIMES(sm)The term “letting the state go to pot” may fill the coffers of many segments of government, and lawmakers can divvy up the revenue between their pet projects. It’s just a matter of finding a way to make the concept palpable to church ladies, deacons, district attorneys, private prison management companies, sheriffs, and all manner of the food chain supported by the incarceration system that benefits from criminalizing marijuana.

The Colorado tourism industry may be remolded through travel packages based on visitors desiring to take a trip within their “Colorado High.” One new bed-and-breakfast, according to a New York Times editorial is totally designed as a “textile optional” pot parlor with many “options.”

tl-horizontal_mainThey’re still waiting for their first big booking, but they concede “Denver is the Wild West of weed.” And things will be confusing, evolving and dicey for some time. As Dixie Elixirs Chief Operating Officer Chuck Smith tells his team, “We’re building the airplane while we’re flying it.”

Louisiana is not known for allowing other state’s wacky ideas to delay our wacky concepts. So, Jindal and the posse in Baton Rouge needs to get cracking so as not to be left behind in the dust. We expect some Mile High ideas to bloom under the wacky stuff they must be smoking, based on the other revenue generating ideas we’ve seen recently.