Mayor’s “Move Forward” is “Stuck in Reverse”


I-220 copyA key Resolution to keep an eye on at the City Council work session and meeting upcoming is Resolution 220 (R-220), which will establish the Dog Park on the riverfront near Stoner Avenue. This resolution requires the mayor to comply with his stated intention to accept funding from Red River Waterway Commission and Shreveport Dog Park Alliance and unwind the litigation with Mayor Glover in an orderly, responsible manner. Citizens, based upon past performance (or lack thereof) must review and communicate with City Council members and the Mayor to reiterate concern that the Mayor must follow through on his stated intentions. He must cut city legal expenses to outside attorneys in this matter and comply with the will of the city council and state court instructions regarding the duty of the mayor in this case as outlined in the city charter.

Mayor's score today
Mayor’s score today

Further failures by the mayor to complete this project in a timely manner only cements his legacy as

the reticent team leader who could not bully all others to accept his dictates. Costs Glover has imposed on taxpayers have already exceeded practical total costs to build a dog park similar to other cities in our region. And, mounting pressures of bond sales, water & sewage or street disasters will probably weigh heavily on all city government in the next few months. So, wasting time on a “non-issue” that the dog park has become, may only be a means to disguise the real issues that the mayor should be addressing.