Jindal Awards $34 million Contract to ObamaCare Rollout Failure Firm


Taxpayer Toilet Paper MoneyWhat quality work does Louisiana expect and receive from the firm recently awarded $34 million and the Legislative Auditor examination of their work on the Road Home program was deemed unacceptable? It’s only fair to ask what Jindal is thinking, as he criticized the president’s choice of this company, especially since this same company holds two state contracts worth $32.8 million was the lead IT contractor of the Affordable Health Care enrollment web page rolled out late last year.

The firm in question is CGI Technologies and Solutions, headquartered in Quebec, Toronto and one of the largest tech firms in the Americas. As if working out the knots of the Obamacare rollout were not enough, Jindal feels they have learned the lesson and do a better job in Louisiana. Troubling – at best to consider. Healthcare_Model

Alvarez & Marsal, another international consulting firm, recently received a $4 million contract from Jindal’s desk to conduct an efficiency study of state government to determine possible savings. The thought of another outside firm resolving state inefficiencies must yield massive savings or provide another nail in Jindal’s attempt to prove he can be a national leader.

A Determined truth-seeker cannot fail!The complete story is well reviewed by Tom Aswell in Louisiana Voice. Other sources are: NOLA Misspent Road Home & Federal Disaster Aid FailuresObamacare Rollout Failure (Washington Post)