What will the 2014 Regular Session bring?


by CB Forgotston


At Noon, March 10, the 2014 Regular Session of the Lege is scheduled to begin. That’s just over two months away.

Legislation affecting the retirement systems must be pre-filed by 5:00 PM, January 24. The last day to advertise the introduction of retirement bills or constitutional amendments is Wednesday January 8.  That’s 5 days away.

We can assume that a State Operating Budget will be filed, if for no other reason than the constitution mandates it.   Also, the leges are discussing how to divvy up a $300 Million “surplus.” I put surplus in quotes because it is hard to imagine how there can be a surplus when money is owed to almost every statutory fund in the state; not to mention something north of $19 Billion in debt for the various retirement systems.

But I digress. REAL ETHICS

Since Bobby Jindal has been governor the leges, for the most part, have waited for him to propose major changes each session to address what is wrong in our state, i.e., ethics, retirement, the tax code, education, etc.

The leges, generally, react to the governor’s agenda and introduce legislation that affect their local districts or to address minor changes in the law brought to their attention by constituents.

The last few weeks I haven’t been paying close attention, so if I may have missed the announcement of the Jindal agenda for the 2014 Regular Session.

This morning I checked the lege website and couldn’t find any pre-filed legislation for the upcoming session. Maybe I missed that also.

Big Changes - Construction Sign MessagePerhaps Jindal has decided not to offer any major changes to the law. To do otherwise would be an admission that there was a problem that  he  hadn’t fixed in the last 6 sessions. If one reads about his speeches in other states, he’s pretty much fixed everything here even though we won’t see the results until he is long out of office.   The only thing left to do is to help the other states emulate our successes.

Maybe the leges will simply convene on March 10, pass the budget and go home.

Anyone else curious what Jindal’s plans are for the 2014 Session?


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