The Poisoned Gift to Democracy


Truth, honor and justice, in theory, are classless, partyless and color blind. Democratically elected officials’ willingness to evaluate and govern is forced to bear the weight of political party, corruption and all manner of entities demanding “our piece of the pie.”

It is this burden today Louisiana and particularly Shreveport face in solving long-term problems. The Jindal machine has stripped resources from citizens it has taken generations to build, such as the public healthcare network. It is probably so bad that Jindal’s legacy will not be what he has built, rather it will be what he has deconstructed.

In Shreveport, the legacy of a two-term mayor will be what he has squandered and a dog park. In itself, the dog park is probably the single biggest nothing a mayor could have drawn a line in the dirt over. Every major and most small cities

in America have dog parks today, and the right-hand column of the blog carries dog park news worldwide.

EPSON scanner imageDerailing an administration seems to be at hand on this issue with the pending court case, until we see how this issue masked more serious problems the mayor and city have had brewing. From water and sewage Federal mandates to the Calvin Grigsby bond fiasco, Glover has cleverly hidden these problems behind spending a mere $40,000 in legal fees fighting a dog park.

We feel the new year will see many of the other issues percolate to Shreveport’s “front page,” if there were a free press to report it in print. It seems the mayor has, until now, been able to muzzle much of the Shreveport Times reporting on his problems. Only KTBS, KSLA, KTAL, and a few radio stations have the resources and freedom to investigate and report the truth about many of the city’s problems.

A Determined truth-seeker cannot fail!2014 may be the year the public find the truth about more improper city shenanigans. From litigation settlements to individuals being Illini to speak out about known improprieties, the course may change for the better in the coming year.