Governing in “Good Faith” – But, NOT HERE!


Pope leads fair discussions The concept of “Good Faith” at this time of year brings thoughts of warmth, family and close relationships, where issues are resolved for the benefit of all parties. Unfortunately, dealing with Mayor Glover on the Dog Park and City Financial Advisor Calvin Grigsby has been a traumatic experience for the city council and all citizens who have had city business in the last year.

pigeon on chess boardOne party to the dog park saga relates dealing with the mayor this way: Negotiating with Glover is like playing chess with a pigeon. The bird knocks over all the pieces, craps on the board and then struts around like it won the game!

King's X
Mayor: “Sure, I will…”

The very concept of contemptuous and disruptive negotiating is akin to North Korean dictatorial demands, but with mayor Glover “All” is fair for him. His letter to the Red River Waterway Commission regarding the suggested modifications of the Cooperative Endeavor Agreement at Wednesday’s meeting in Natchitoches clearly stated that he would be there and wanted to have input on the discussion. Clearly, he failed to attend. However, Dog a Park Alliance attorney Dan Keele was present and the item was on the agenda, discussed and modified as disused at the Shreveport City Council Committee meeting, partially.

MEDIA-LynchingHowever the mayor felt, probably based on his consistent bully stance, that he could force the RRWC to do all the work and then present the project to the city. This was NOT approved by the RRWC. Mayor, we’re talking about a fence and water. It’s not rocket surgery!

The commission response is clear. So, mayor, work with the city council, and the dog park alliance to accept the GIFT that will cost the city nothing, plus the alliance is putting up over $28,000 to cover potential overages.Pigeon-Poop-on-people

Glover wants to have his cake, eat it then strut around like the proverbial pigeon.