Local Crooks, Dogs and Money

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Wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it.”
      ― Leo Tolstoy,
A Confession

Elliott Stonecipher understands “WRONG” as far as the evils of Calvin Grigsby, financial advisor to the city of Shreveport and the relationship that seems to exist with Mayor Cedric B Glover.

It’s necessary to read his writings on the subject in any analysis of the claims. Elliott’s research is second to none in accuracy and it’s necessary to review the details when tracking down “snake evidence.” Remember, when the snake is cornered, the snake is most dangerous. Some snakes need to be put out of our city’s misery; some of the snake’s accomplices too.

It would be a bitter pill!
It would be a bitter pill!

In the big scheme of things, the mayor draws attention to the dog park and people no longer focus on the bigger elephant in the room. It’s like all the oxygen is taken out of the room. The public may have been “swallowing the dog and choking on the flea,” but this dog hasn’t been digested. We refuse to go down without trying to make other points the mayor doesn’t want connected. We believe each councilman realizes the implication of each improper (insert evil here if you chose) deed committed by the mayor in continuing to focus all our attention on a dog park. Even this dog deserves his place at the table, so to speak, but the mayor has made too many divisive allegations about the supporters of the park and this single issue he believes allows him to cover his other misdeeds. We followed the trail, and all his wrongful deeds are still in play.

Let’s get to Calvin Grigsby.(Shreveport Times)  (Grigsby & Associates[Try running these links!])  (Grigsby Press 2011)  We encourage readers to remember Elliott’s research and share results with those you know, Shreveport City Councilmen, the local District Attorney and any in white-collar law enforcement (This is NOT a racist reference mayor Glover).

We are responsible if we do not act.
We are responsible if we do not act.

Here are links to pertinent Grigsby research Elliott Stonecipher disclosed on this blog and in other articles. Each had specifics of wrongful or, we believe, illegal conduct. Citizens must take time reviewing these facts, and appropriate renewed investigation must be demanded. We will continue to place this in the public’s view until some two-legged rats find an appropriate spot behind bars or a more thorough investigation reveals that we have inaccurate data. Secretary of State of Illinois report here

complete report(Follow Report Link HERE) – Lee Zurik report

(The Audit Report HERE!)

#3: Shreveport & New Orleans Public Cash Depleted at End of 2012
Wall Street Journal Original Story!
Separate Glover investigation by Lafayette attorney HERE

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