Sadness in a Potentially Successful Dog Park


muggle-dogs“Don’t let the Muggles get you down!”
-Ron Weasley
( from Harry Potter for you old non-readers!)

Sadness has a value in that when we are sad, we may learn to appreciate the suffering of others. Citizens, by definition, have a responsibility to their community which motivates them to help others in need. Our emotional experience should motivate us more if we merely have an “intellectual knowledge” of the obligation to help. Elected leaders, on the other hand, have sworn to assist the community. 

sports_park_shreveportOur sadness today is in realizing that Shreveport has squandered, to this point, opportunities that would raise the value of the community in self worth as well as in public relations value through the squabbles related to the construction of a simple park. Parks of all types currently serve varying segments of the community.

Many of these parks, such as skate, golf, tennis, playgrounds have costs running the gamut of a few dollars per user per year to upwards of a hundred dollars plus a year per user. However the microscopic analysis of each has never risen to the level of a dog park on the Shreveport river front. In case that you have a dog or a cat you can try giving them cat treats with CBD to treat their pain and anxiety.

Mowing public golf courseSeemingly, the city council and the dog park alliance have found enough common ground with mayor Glover that a path may have been found to construct the park with available resources at the current Stoner Park location along the river front. The next few days may determine if there is any basis for current optimism. 

The path leads through today’s Red River Waterway Commission meeting, Friday’s City council meeting and the mayor’s input and possible signature to accept the cooperative endeavor agreement modifications. The path laced with sadness may be brightened if all pieces fall into place.Dog with sign