Glover: “It’s Not Over Till Its Over.”


“…No middle ground in developing the city’s first dog park…” – Shreveport Times, December 4, 2013

On_the_moonIf you have spent the last year and a half on the moon, you may have missed the ongoing battle over Shreveport’s attempt to birth a dog park. Tuesday, December 3, the battle continued.

There is a rule in competitive games: It’s not over until it’s over. As long as the game is still going, there is a chance that someone who started out not doing so well can “make a comeback” and do much better. Sometimes everyone is pulling for the underdog, pardon our pun.

statue_of_liberty_criesThe same applies to the life of governmental manipulations and legal battles. It’s not over until it’s over. As long as your bill, motion, proposal, assertion, case in court, whatever you are fighting to succeed has a chance to survive, your supporters may slap you on the back. You have the opportunity to do more and be more. You may still be the winner!

Your political image is based on what has already happened in your political life, what you have already done, and how you have lost and won battles. As long as you are alive, you can choose thoughts, words, and actions that will greatly elevate your self- image. You can be a hero for your “peeps” who just don’t see anything more than winning or losing.

reality-check-ahead(cr)You might complain about your image because you view your current success today as a final reality. It just isn’t really true that you can’t make changes and improve your final legacy. We are works in progress as long as we are alive. If you aren’t satisfied with your image right now, say and do things that will effect change.

When all around you tell you that you might be on a wrong road, consider the possibility that they might be right. If you continue to live in your vacuum, you may find the pressure too much to bear.

dog biteMayor Glover, it may be time to take stock of your position, call off your dogs and find a way to build a park for your other constituents. The wind will still blow and your legacy may be more than “he was bitten by the dogs.”