Thanksgiving and the Shreveport Dog Park Alliance


Lucy tricks Charlie Brown AGAINTaxpayer money and city resources have been squandered in Mayor Glover’s unnecessary, ego-driven legal squabble with the Shreveport Dog Park Alliance (SDPA). Even when the City Council voted unanimously to compel Glover to sign for and initiate construction of a dog park on the river front, he refused.

At this point, Glover retained independent counsel, and taxpayers have covered the tab for over $35,000 as the mayor loses at each hearing in court. His next court date may result in a trip to jail or worse. So, Glover’s additional extension (more legal fees) on December 2 is just another waste.

Charlie Brown Christmas Lucy psych standLater, Glover recognized all reasonable channels of legal protest were exhausted, so he attempted to get the City Council to renege on their resolution forcing him to sign for the funds given by the Red River Waterway Commission. But the Council, at the November 26 meeting, never heard the mayor’s request, he withdrew the request and asked for another extension.thesuithallmark

As mayor’s latest court date, December 2, approaches, a compromise may have been found. The SDPA suggests moving the dog park from Hamel’s to the Stoner Boat Launch area. This would reduce costs and provide many options not available at the Hamel’s site. The newly proposed area has bathrooms, police presence, and paved parking, and it is closer to more populated areas.

celeb-rundown-2Charlie-Brown In the past, every time the dog park group met the mayor’s demands, he created more. With the offer of a compromise, the SDPA is giving Mayor Glover a chance to stop the waste of city funds and allow the city to accept Red River Waterway Commission funds and over $40,000 in private donations. Untitled-1

The issue now is, “Will Mayor Glover accept the compromise, or will he continue to delay and obstruct the dog park?” As we gather around our Thanksgiving tables, let us give thanks that there may be an end to this unnecessary waste of our money.

Thanks Shreveport Dog Park Alliance and especially Dan Keele for insisting that the law be followed!