Changing the Course of Shreveport Dog Park



Mayor Cedric B. Glover has made history for Shreveport in his abject contempt for both citizens, representing the dog park alliance, and the City Council, in defying the will of a unified body. Now, with the Louisiana court system breathing down his neck for failure to comply with district court rulings and spending over $30,000 taxpayer dollars to justify his contempt, his last maneuver is to get the council to revoke their resolution in support of the dog park. King_Glover–the_Decider

With a revocation of the resolution, Glover intends to tell the court that the council never really intended to have “that” dog park. And, in defying the intent of the citizens, he has paid for attorneys, provoked citizen rage and pushed all city projects backwards at untold cost to all except those supporters who feed at the public trough.

3:00 Tuesday City Council!

Tuesday, November 26, at 3PM at Government Plaza many dog-park advocates and upset citizens will attend the masquerade of the mayor to justify the failures of his management of Shreveport. Shame, shame on those who would condone these practices.

Unhappy patrons...

Citizens deserve far better leadership, so perhaps it’s time to start picking the next mayor.