ObamaCare, Bro_Surance, Ho_Surance or No_Surance


Get the Message!

BROsurance-kegSure, it’s humorous to some. Sure, it’s distasteful to many. However, fact of life is that EVERYONE (even the rich!) gets sick and, some day, dies. Well, the fact may be hard to swallow, however getting the message thru some mediums may be finally sinking in as well-developed marketing goes into full-court-press mode. Key-Surance

And if you haven’t seen the Colorado push, here is a link to a few other edgy graphics to set you off.

Wel-rounded-suranceThere’s the Affordable Care Act. There’s Obamacare. And then there’s brosurance and hosurance.

The terms popped up this month as two Colorado nonprofits fired up a digital campaign called “Got Insurance?” to entice young people to sign up for health insurance. The ads, made in-house on a shoestring budget without an agency, feature actors who are friends and family of the nonprofits. Less than $5,000 was spent on the digital campaign. And its originators claim it’s already gone viral.

The campaign obviously mirrors “Got Milk?” and features, among other things, frat boys, female best buddies, “hot to trot” couples emboldened by free birth control and a cardboard cutout of actor Ryan Gosling. “Brosurance” came from ProgressNow Colorado Education, which created the campaign along with Colorado Consumer Health Initiative. As of Nov. 12, #Brosurance, which rolled out in October, has popped up more than 6 million times on Twitter, while #GotInsurance has registered 1.7 million mentions, according to ProgressNow Colorado. (Complete Article on Colorado’s marketing campaign)