Budget Shortfall Solution Outrageous


2013-2014calendar-$50M Down

by CB Forgotston

Just 4 months into the current fiscal year the state’s Operating Budget is already $50 Million short. ( See story here.)

DHH’s response to the $50 Million shortfall in the state Medicaid Program is outrageous.

The guy in charge of finances at DHH says no cuts will be necessary; he’ll simply ask the leges for more money. No explanation of from where the extra money will come.

Apparently, it is responses such as  this that have led some leges to predict no mid-year budget cuts.

Think for a moment if every state agency decided to spend more than they were appropriated and simply asked for more money.

We actually pay people like Jerry Phillips a 6-figure salary to come up with a solution that a 5-year old child would.

You can’t make this stuff up!


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